Warracknabeal Fence Art

Welcome to Warracknabeal Fence Art @ The Warrack Motel. We are so glad to be able to share with you the joy we have on our outside fence. So if you are coming through town, there really is a reason to stop, look, have a coffee and maybe even stay now. Remember, Warracknabeal is the geographical centre of the silo art trail in western Victoria ….

Silo Art Trail

Silo Art Trail

The Silo Art trail is one of Australia’s leading outdoor galleries showcasing the work of remarkable street artists. The large scale paintings are not to be missed.

Coopers Crossing aka Home of “The Flying Doctors”

If you remember the ’90’s, you will remember The Flying Doctors.  30 minute drive from The Warrack Motel, or 15 minutes past the Sheep Hills Silos sits the township once known as Coopers Crossing. Yes the township of Minyip where the series was filmed, still has some of the Flying Doctors buildings in the main street for you to enjoy. You can walk by the RFDS Base, have a look at Emma’s garage and even channel Maurie Fields outside the Majestic Hotel. A trip to Minyip is a must do on your next stay with us…

Pink Lake

The Pink Lake

Known as “one of Australia’s best kept secrets”.  The lake boasts a stunning pink colour; this is due to the level of algae and salt formed in the water.  A picturesque view and a great spot for a Picnic!

Fauna Park

Lions Park

a fauna park within a bend in the creek. There is a garden area with picnic-barbecue facilities, an adventure playground and a footbridge over to the shopping centre.

Post Office

Tourist Information, Post Office and Black Arrow Tour

The Tourist Information Centre is located in Scott St, near the Woolcock St intersection. It is open seven days from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., tel/fax: (03) 5398 1632 and email: Adjacent is the beautiful and decorative Tudor-style post office (1907) with its arched entranceway.

The Black Arrow Self-Drive Tour takes in some of the town’s historical attractions. Related pamphlets can be found at the information centre and in the container at the historical centre.

Town Hall

Historical Buildings in Town

Warracknabeal Hotel (1891) has a beautiful arched entranceway and Art Nouveau leaded glass. Cross Phillips St to see one of the town’s first buildings, the Commercial Hotel built in 1870 with the second storey added in 1891. Both hotels feature some fine cast-iron lacework.

Head east along Phillips St past Devereux St to the Molyneaux St intersection where you will see the finely crafted four-storey brick water tower with its bluestone sills and copings. It was built in 1886 for the steam engines in the old station yard and was used as Warracknabeal’s water storage site for 30 years.

Return along Phillips St and turn left into Devereux St. To the immediate left is the log lock-up consisting of a single large cell with a log ceiling and floor, built when the first permanent policeman arrived in 1873. Further along, at the Woolcock St intersection is the small but colourful brick courthouse (1891).


Wheatlands Agricultural Machinery Museum and Warehouse

At the southern end of the town on the Henty Highway is the Wheatlands Agricultural Machinery Museum. The museum’s impressive collection of machinery from the surrounding areas is spread over a 16-hectare site. Some of the highlights include steam-powered chaff cutters, steam engines, early tractors, a display of over 1500 varieties of wheat and the log-fired blacksmith’s furnace which was used by Hugh McKay to build the first horse-drawn stripper-harvester.

There are also barbecue and childrens’ play facilities. The complex is open daily from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. daily., tel: (03) 5398 1616 or (03) 5398 1475. The Vintage Machinery and Vehicle Rally is held here at Eastertime.

The Wheatlands Warehouse is the ultimate 2nd Hand Store.  Situated on the roundabout opposite the Town Hall, the warehouse probably contains every trinket, spook, plate or furniture piece from yesterday.  Allow time to view the warehouse, because an hour wont get you past the 2nd room.

State Savings Bank

Warracknabeal Historical Centre

Warracknabeal Historical Centre is located in the interesting old State Savings Bank building (1909) which features some fine polychrome brickwork. You will be able to see the Original Banking Chamber which is maintained by the Warracknabeal and District Historical Society. The residence is used to display local historical items, information and records.

Nominal entry fees apply.

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